N-JOY Media LLC. was founded by Director/DP Nicolas Doldinger and is based in the heart of NYC's Lower East Side (LES). We are a collective of artists and filmmakers that bring together a unique set of skills and crafts in order


Be it highly entertaining branded content or hard-hitting and engaging documentary, N-JOY always aims to put character and story first.

In today's world viewers are accustomed to 'blend out' any obvious advertising. It's the job of our content creators to make sure our narratives and characters engage the viewer which is the key to the effective branded and social content that N-JOY produces.

Our team is comprised  content producers from  around the globe in order to offer our clients global reach and  talent:

Nicolas Doldinger, NYC

Director / Producer / DP / Steadicam / Editor

Originally from Munich, Germany Nicolas was born into a family of artists, which had great influence on his later productions. His film career started in the UK and Canada where he won several awards for his narrative and documentary productions. His youth documentary “A Russian Fairytale” premiered in 2013 at the Moscow documentary festival and has recently won the Best Documentary Feature Award at the Canada International Filmfestival.  

Nicolas has established himself as producer and director of outstanding branded content production for brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, IBM, L’Oreal etc. Providing full production services, his work as Director and DP has been featured on CNN’s Chicagoland, CBS 60minutes as well as various web outlets incl. Nowness, Models.com, Esquire, Gothamist etc. 



Andrew Fitzgerald, NYC

Producer / Editor / DP

Andrew Fitzgerald was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He loved making movies as a kid and continued that passion at Ithaca College, where he graduated with a degree in Cinema Production. In 2005, he moved to New York City where he began making short films and working as a freelance producer, cinematographer and editor and did work on television shows that included LA Ink, Storm Chasers, The Rachel Zoe Project and King of Dirt.

His first feature film Work It Out won Best Narrative Feature in 2010 at the Astoria International Film Festival and Best Feature Film at The Appalachian Film Festival in 2011. Andrew produced, directed and edited the film. He has created online branded content and commercials for companies including Mitsubishi, Almay, Kellogg’s, Playboy, Unilever, Revlon, Timberland and American Media magazines.




Jacob Mobbs, LONDON

Producer / Director / Editor 

Jake is currently an in-house colourist, having spent 8 years freelancing and making independent films. He recently completed an award-winning documentary with Nicolas Doldinger about Russian street children which has been shown in schools and festivals around the world.


In his spare time, he edits more videos - his favourite to date are those of his 1 year old baby - for which he has yet to win any awards. Jake also has a passion for street art and has anonymously received fame when his hometown newspaper showcased his work, crediting him as ‘the prankster with an eye for detail’.